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Full Version: Debugging of Codeigniter vars
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Is it possible in CI 2.2 to show tracing of my vars like calling

So that my tracing would be shown in this or in similar panel ?

As "similar panel " I mean to write something like this :

Appfuncs::deb($pricing_id, '$pricing_id::');
Appfuncs::deb($is_insert, '$is_insert::');
And in footer of page to see output of these vars like


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Well yes, but it's not built in. But you could sure add tracing and dump all scoped vars/classes by extending the profiler.

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I searched in net I found several
I tried to install from here
and I get an
In code :
$this->load->spark('Debug-Toolbar/1.0.7'); // error : ( ! ) Fatal error: Call to undefined method CI_Loader::spark() in /controllers/admin/hostel.php on line 37
        Console::log('Hey, this is really cool');

I am not sure is it corect to writle
as I downloaded latest 1.0.7 version. Is it compatible with CI 2.2.0 ?

Also I am not sure but I copied 2 files from into /application/libraries
and 1 file from / into /application/views.
is it correct ?

Do you know any profile I need compatible with CI 2.2.0 ? Please, share.

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Did you set up spark? It's a package manager that isn't included with CI, it includes the load:Confusedpark() method. Once you have the spark package manager installed you should be able to load a spark. I have no idea if any of those packages work with which version of CI. I haven't used them.