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Full Version: Values not retained in bootstrap second and third tabs after form validation
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I have created a CI v2.0 app for a client. Everything is fine except i just noticed, after validation is run, the form fields that appear in the second and third bootstrap tabs are not holding the values the user entered. The values are there in the first tab.

Has anyone ever encountered this or having any idea what I should check?

CI 2.0
Bootstrap 3
Bootstrap tabs
One form, but form is displayed in thirds in the tab component of bootstrap, so 5 fields in tab one, 10 fields under tab 2 and 8 fields in tab 3.
user values are retained after validation in the first tab, but not in subsequent tabs.

And yes, I have double checked that the fields in the 2nd and 3rd tabs has the correct set_values, ie [<?php echo set_value('name');]