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Full Version: codeigniter 2.2 / twitter library need
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I need some good codeigniter 2.2 twitter library, for main operations( posting tweet, following...) in twitter using CI
I googled in net and found some libs :
I found this
with message "Please note this library no longer works now that Twitter have turned off Basic Authentication".
Is it library useless now because of current twitter options ?

I searched more and found several dead links.

If there is something good for me ?


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Looks like you may have to start with a twitter oauth library (here's one for CI: and then delve into the twitter api documentation and examples to create the functions yourself to post tweets etc.

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Thanks, but when I tried to create new twitter application on link I got error message:
You must confirm your email address prior to creating an application. Please read for more information
I followed by url above and made steps for creating account
I use gmail account, but I still did not receive any confirmatiom email. How knows what is wrong ?
About 24 hours has gone...
Anybody knows if service works ?

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I found how create new app for Twitter !

Also I have a question is this lib compatible with Twitter API Version 1.1 ?
Seems Twitter API Version 1.1 is latest /current version of Twitter API ?

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Trying to watch how these examples works app authorize page is opened and I see next message :

Quote:This application will be able to:

• Read Tweets from your timeline.
• See who you follow.

This application will not be able to:

• Follow new people.
• Update your profile.
• Post Tweets for you.
• Access your direct messages.
• See your Twitter password.

Are these the only options my app can do ?
How can I to make twitter make all operations from the second list?
setting my app I did not see any more options...

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Sorry, I can't help you with this as I have no idea! But please when you figure it out, post your solution here for us! Good luck :-)