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Full Version: How do I push a value to a multidimensional array, before combining arrays?
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I need to push a value to a multidimensional array, before format it to an array with key => value.
My approach was the following:

$keys = array('column1','column2','column3','column4','column5');

foreach($multArray as $c => $subarr)
  array_push($multArray [$c],'1'); /* This line was supposed to push a value, that would be the value of column 5 */
  $multArray [$c] = array_combine($keys, $subarr); /* Combines the values array with the keys array */

print_r($multArray );

But it's not pushing the value.
It's returning me the error:
array_combine(): Both parameters should have an equal number of elements

Does someone knows how to corrrectly do that?

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What does $multArray look like?

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Sorry for that, it was a silly mistake, please delete the thread, sorry.