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Full Version: Yupii - a Business Application Framework based on Codeigniter
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[eluser]Carlos G[/eluser]
I would like to introduce to you my last work about CodeIgniter: Yupii

With Yupii you will have automatic CRUD, automatic relations between catalogs, and automatic report generation, all this with just a few lines of code.

Maybe some of you are used or heared about frameworks like Achievo ATK, or PHPPeanuts... these are frameworks that allows to create this kind of applications, but has no relationship with CodeIgniter.

But now with Yupii, you can use your favorite and beloved framework CodeIgniter as the base of your applications, and still have all the benefits of a Business Application Framework.

i'm uploading screencasts and tutorials that shows the features of this package, and i'll love to have feedback from the community.


Official site: