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Full Version: Request multiple applications support
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Any consider about multiple applictions with one CI core and common models or libraries? It also can do this with current version, but any application with application folder and index.php makes duplicate methods in some model, like frontend and backend applications.
You can create a "common" folder already that is treated as simply a package path to hold all common libraries, models, etc. Then create a second "application" for your backend. So yes, it's doable already without code duplication.
kilishan, is right you can already use the same CI "core" for multiple projects?
You can even use multiple index.php files (with mod_rewrite) to host different CI application folders on the same server using the same core.

@dmyers - I'm not sure if you were actually asking a question there, as it sounds like you already know, but absolutely. If you're running multiple apps on the same server, just modify the path to the system folder.
I usually put the system folder in a library folder somewhere and symlink to it. That way, it's not necessary to have it residing anywhere inside my application space.
Yeah you can have multiple apps with multiple index but there are some problems with the namespaces for the config files in each app folder

Lets say to get the config from FrontEnd in the BackEnd, this you cannot do because all config files has same namespace and you cannot change the namespace only if you want to debug codeigniter for months..