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Full Version: How to use cronjob in codeigniter?
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Hello all. I am interested in using cronjob in codeigniter framework. I have controller named welcome   and method inside it named auto  
how can i use cronjob and call this url     using cronjob  ?
That is probably a question for your system administrator rather then a CodeIgniter question since it depends on your OS (Linux, Windows, Solaris etc.) and also your distribution/version. There are simply a lot of different ways depending on your tools.

Also, you fail to mention what your controller/method is supposed to do. Is it enough to "download" it, or do you want to send parameters or process the result in any way?

On my Linux Ubuntu 14.10 I could for example execute
# crontab -e

This will edit the list of cron commands tied to my user (editor depends on what is installed in your system). I would and then add the following line
0 * * * * wget

This will "visit" your website once every hour and download the output, however the output would simply be discarded.

Kind regards,

Daniel Sahlberg
For that you can use CI over the built in cli

In your cronjob file you can set the roule and call your job like

PHP Code:
* * * * php /path_to_your_ci_root/index.php welcome auto