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Full Version: Core and Loader in CI 4
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Now once we are talking about CI 4 perhaps we have to think over few BIG things inside CI

The current Loader and Core models will be lost once there is a namespace usage.

I know that there are many possible new ways of the things but lets try to list them so we can discuss them.

By my experience I am thinking for some things as:

1. We need some kind of System Container class - which will replace the Ultimate function get_instance() which we are using now.. 
And inside it we can keep all started libs singleton instances or not..

2. Core have to be fully removed. Instead we will need some kind of Bootstrap which will cover all things related to core and perhaps some things from loader.

3. Loader should be removed as well. All models libs and etc we can make to autoload system on construction with some kind of Dependency Injections. But this should be discusses a lot as it will change a lot CI..