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Full Version: Following news section tutorial - 404 Page Not Found
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I am new to php and have just recently downloaded CodeIgniter and am following the tutorial for the news section. The problem I am encountering is with the following code from the news overview page index.php here application/views/news/index.php.

      <a href="<?php echo $news_item['slug'] ?>">View article</a>

It get the 404 Page Not Found error (details showing in URL is http://localhost/CodeIgniter/index.php/the_data_from_my_database_field_slug)

But when I put in this code, it displays the data from $news_item['slug'] Ok
    <!-- test div -->
        <?php echo $news_item['slug'] ?>

I have gone back and checked all my code against that in the tutorial and this is not the problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Hi I don't know the tutorial you’re talking about. But you bette var_dumping this var in order to see if the value is a valid controller or if its well remapped (_remap)
Hey PamelaK,

Did you add the routes to your routes config file?

$route['news/(:any)'] = 'news/view/$1';
$route['news'] = 'news';
$route['(:any)'] = 'pages/view/$1';
$route['default_controller'] = 'pages/view';

If you didn't it will never work.