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Full Version: Access Control of Controllers
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I use HMVC,

ONE : how i can route all requests to my_controller/my_method?
Quote:requests like :
- /standard_controller/function/some_input  :  file located at application/controllers/file.php
- /sub_folder/standard_controller/function/some_input  :  file located at application/controllers/sub_folder/file.php
- /module_name/controller_name/function/some_input  : file located at /modules/module_name/controllers/file.php

TWO : What is the best way for implement "ACCESS CONTROL" system? i have users and groups tables, defining privileges (any,none,authenticated,authorized,unauthenticated) for menu items and simple link_alias table.

is this right way that :

  1. all requests route to myRouter
  2. check request url ( ex. /module/controller/function or alias url) for privilages
  3. run or redirect
I'm replying for your second request.
Just create a base controller (MY_controller) in application/core folder.
Here its content:
PHP Code:
<?php  if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

MY_Controller extends CI_Controller
 public function 
// if you are not connected, please be connect
          if ( ! $this->session->userdata('nomUser')){ 
 //list of protected methods to access 
$admin_methods = array();
$other_groups_methods = array('function_1','function_2');
 // admin
if($this->session->userdata('profilUser')== 'admin'){
//grab the controller/method name and compare with protected methods array
if($this->session->userdata('profilUser')== 'other_groups'){
//grab the controller/method name and compare with protected methods array

I hope it will help
And your controllers must extend MY_Controller, not CI_Controller
class one_class extends MY_Controller