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Full Version: Recalling a field to print another one
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Look at this models:

PHP Code:
public function dataList($name) {
$db $this->load->database('default'TRUE);
$db    ->select('value')
$query_setting $db->get('');

I would make sure to enter the variable name within the template and let me return the value.

For example:
In the template I write:


The template return the value of string table that have for name "name_site"

My question is. How can I build the controller?

For I use smarty template engine.
Someone can help me? Smile
Hi,there are many way you can get to it.
You can get result as array and save keys => value into an array you are going to pass as parameter for the view files. (Sorry I'm using in a tab, so I can't write an example )
When you say ->db->get() make sure you specify the table name or nothing if it has been declared before using ->from() method
It is what I thought but I also do not know how to do it right ...