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Full Version: CI3.0 PDO or Mysqli ready?
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Hi guys,

I want to know if CI3 is PDO or MySQLi ready?
Which one of this is configured already?
Or should I configure them manually myself?

Thanks in advance.
Okay I reviewed the database.php
and it was configured in MySQLi
so why MySQLi not PDO?
Can someone explain.

Thanks in advance.
I think it is Mysqli OK. But dont know about PDO. why MySQLi not PDO? No IDEA
Why PDO and not MySQLi?
Isn't it PDO is much better than mySQLi?
Which is better?
That's why I'm asking?
Oh, so PDO won that article.
Meaning PDO is much better than MySQLi.
So when will PDO be implmented instead of MySQLi?
Hope maybe in next release version?

Narf? your thought?
I can't believe I'm having this conversation ...

First of all, PDO isn't "much better" than MySQLi, it just has a nicer API if you use it directly and that's irrelevant in CodeIgniter's case because it has an abstraction on top of it.

Second, we don't implement one driver instead of another, we implement all of them and you just pick whichever one you want to use.

Third and final, don't believe everything you hear and everything you read on the internet.

I believe you, cuz you are one of the CI contributor.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts.