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Full Version: Encryption with WAMP/XAMPP
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I tried to "migrate" a CI project with encrypted datas (including login and password...) from a Linux server (CentOS, PHP 5.3.3) to WAMP/XAMPP on windows 7 (last version 2.5, PHP 5.6) ... but it doen't work : authentification is impossible as encryption/decryption doesn't work :-(

Apparently this would be due to the absence of the mcrypt library on WAMP/XAMPP,
and unfortunately it is impossible to find this mcrypt library on the web !

Could someone help me please... ?

Thanks a lot !
MCrypt is a PHP extension ... it's very easy to find, you're just looking for the wrong thing.
I know that MCrypt is a PHP extension, but i disagree when you say that it's very easy to find...

Please could you be more clear ?


Have a look at your php.ini, search for a line that contains the string php_mcrypt.dll