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Full Version: git error?
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sorry if this is git question,

when I type the command below,
git push origin master

I got this error below
error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing

fatal: HTTP request failed

I'm not sure if I entered the wrong username and password, that produces this error,
or any other reason why this error show up?


thanks in advance.
Okay the password was wrong.
I already figured out the password.

Problem solved.
Any reason why you're not using a github client, I use github client for mac and it's a breeze pushing my commits.
if you want to be fluent in git, better use git bash not git client.
the client has many shortcuts and there are things in git bash commands that a client can't do.
...and, last I checked, GitHub doesn't have a Linux client (and I must say the lack of one really hurt for the first few months after I switched my development machine from Windows to Linux).