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Full Version: [split] - CI4 template ... attempted hijack of CI4 Roadmap thread
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We need more. We need more.
Please add new template engine from CI 4. like blade or smarty. CI - Smarty developed by non official is always outdated Sad
We need default template engine from CI Sad
Why do you need a built in template engine? Just use blade in CI...or whatever else you want.

I really don't want CI wasting time on developing/maintaining stuff that is already established, freely available and can be integrated fairly easily. That's the sort of thing that bogs down a framework. There aren't 50+ people working on advancing/maintaining CI, you know.
Twig is good template, and easily integrated in CodeIgniter. It also has C extension.

Guys, This really isn't the place for feature requests. And the template topic has already been discussed.

The current plan is that there will not be a template engine but we are going to look into ways to make it simple to incorporate some third party ones. No promises.