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Full Version: Create a Back end and fron end application using codeigniter 3
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Hello every im working on my first project using codeigniter to create a blog using codeigniter 3. but i have a problem so please help me. My problem is
1. create file structure for backend and frontend and is there any compleate tutorial about this expecialy in this codeigniter version.
2. I have design my database schema for my user and login form i hope for any good opinion or sugestion about Login and user database schema.
Here my database schema



---User Roles---
3. Is there any one who one to share there complate database schema for a web blog.
4. if there is no one who want to share please help me on design a database schema for category, tag , article content, comment.

So im looking for a good comment. pls every one i want to be a good web programmer so please help to achive that gol. by help me to build my first web blog using codeignter 3.

My question will be continue affter im this database schema is done.
This may be too simple, but have a look at
You could try starting with

Or perhaps if you want even more, any of the great CMS's built with Codeigniter. Just google for them.

There are also quite a few member authorization libraries available too.

If I was doing a blog I would use Wordpress or Ghost or similar. Depends on what you needed. If it is coding practice or for your own pleasure, then continue from scratch. But perhaps start with something a bit simpler than a blog, which can be quite complex if you are to achieve any level of sophistication with it.

People often think they need a blog when they don't. If it is your site and you just want to publish content then a blog may not be the best way to do that. It is very simple to add content, perhaps you might want to consider that a diary type date based presentation of your material may not be the best approach. Then again, it might be, it all depends on what you are aiming at.

Hope that helps,

if this is your first app, suggest that you start with the content creation part of the blog - otherwise known as CRUD: Create, Read, Update, Delete.
take a look at the blog tutorial in the CI documentation to get started.

otherwise if you are set on creating users, authorization, etc - take a look at ion auth