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Full Version: get more explanation on email sending error
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In my application, I'm trying to send email.
But I get this error.

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Warning

Message: fsockopen():

Filename: libraries/Email.php

Line Number: 1949


File: C:\wamp\www\CMA\application\models\fonction.php
Line: 60
Function: send

File: C:\wamp\www\CMA\application\controllers\livraison.php
Line: 1747
Function: envoyerMail

File: C:\wamp\www\CMA\index.php
Line: 292
Function: require_once
how can I know the real cause of this error? i think that this line is incomplete
Message: fsockopen():
Please Help.
I'm not sure why you're not getting an error message from fsockopen(), but the most likely cause of an error in that location is an issue with the SMTP settings (especially smtp_host, smtp_port, or smtp_crypto)