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Full Version: Office Hours October 2ish, 2015
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A reminder ...
I will be on our IRC channel, #codeigniter, from 23:00-01:00 PST (my time), Thurs/Fri Oct 1/2, which should be 06:00-08:00 on Friday Oct 2 UTC, if my math is right.
I will be back on our IRC channel, from 08:00-10:00 PST Fri Oct 2, which should be 15:00-17:00 Fri Oct 2 UTC, again if my math is right.

One or more of the other CodeIgniter Council members may join us, their schedules permitting.
Transcripts from the office hours will be posted with the original notice in the "events" subforum.
Translating between timezones is a challenge Undecided