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Full Version: How can i upload images using dropzone with dome field in then insert it
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Hello guys, i have been surviving upload imgaes using dropzone inside modal bootsrap.
here is the demo without modal

before this i success finish my own logic
1. upload images then insert to database
2. insert then form (please see my js bellow with comments )

but there is a lot of bugs in my logic, user upload images then click whenever div modal will close ?
already solved here then realiaze it has bugs if users put the mouse in the url browser then press enter modal will close it ?

So i change the logic by upload and insert in one action with dropzone, already search in google upload images using dropzone and normal form with little results and i'm still don't get it ? if anyone has experience about this issue please guide me la


Freddy Sidauruk

I create 2 form isnide modal, one for dropzone and one again for form.

even if user cancel or press the url i don't care cause when uses login or logout i delete data by using where clause 0 mean not using 1 is using