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Full Version: CI Community Startup and Addon Apps
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I also like the idea of CI Community Apps. If the authorization, user management system, skeleton blog and etc contradicts the ideology Codeigniter, then why did not really make CI Community Apps. It will be good if there are like-minded. Who wants to use the can use CI Community Apps, who does not want, he can write his own decision.
The question is, who will do it, and whether there are supporters of the community. It is important to understand what should be a simple and high-quality code, and documentation.
Yea, i vote it
In his article on one resource for programming, I did a survey, following which the following data were obtained:
82% (37 vote) Yes, they will be useful to me in the development of
18% (8 vote) No, I already have my tools
Voted 45 people. 21 people abstained.
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