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Quote:PHPStorm is a great ide, I go to Early Access Program page but say: This build includes a 30-day time-limited license.
yes thats true, but they seem to release betas very often. i just pointed out the EAP program to let people know there is a way to try the program for free.
you can see the eap release schedule here.

Quote:I'm happy to say phpstorm is a 100% no go for me as it runs on java and I don't want any security issues or bloat in loading the jvm - just terrible. Those days were long gone.

well you did ask for recommendations for an IDE and you did not mention it couldn't be java. i'm on an old laptop and phpstorm is very fast compared to netbeans etc. but an IDE is going to be slower to startup then an editor like sublime. i'm still getting used to phpstorm so i use both.
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