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Full Version: What DB drivers have you used?
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This is in no way an official poll, but I've been wondering lately which of the 12+ database drivers people actually have used?

Unfortunately, there's too many items fro a poll, and that would only allow people to use a single one, so please list all drivers you have used in the past. Note that for many of the drivers there is now a PDO and non-PDO version so please specify.


I guess I should start it off. I've used mysql, mysqli, and sqlite in actual projects or development phases (all non-PDO). I've toyed with Postgres but haven't used it in a project yet.
The only database I have used with CodeIgntier is MYSQL, with the mysql and the mysqli drivers.
mysql/mysqli, sqlite, pdo (mysql, sqlite)
mssql, mysql, mysqli, oci8, odbc, postgre
mysqli, postgre
pdo_sqlite - for demo purpose
For practice for purpose: SQLite and PostgreSQL

For actual: MySQL, MySQLi and now (MySQLi for MariaDB)
I primaraly use mysqli, some older projects are still using mysql, and a single project is using sqlite.
MySql, PostreSQL, SQLite
mssql, mysql, mysqli, oci8
mysql/mysqli - 70%
postgre - 20%
sqlite/3 - 5%
pdo - 5%