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Full Version: How to update joined tables
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I've been searching for an answer to this, but evidently the working solution for v2 doesn't work in v3.

$this->db->set('a.firstname', 'Pekka');
$this->db->set('a.lastname', 'Kuronen');
$this->db->set('b.companyname', 'Suomi Oy');
$this->db->set('b.companyaddress', 'Mannerheimtie 123, Helsinki Suomi');

$this->db->where('', 1);
$this->db->where(' =');
$this->db->update('table as a, table2 as b');

That code came from here -

Does anyone have a working solution please?

Yours Roy
Bee Creative Web Design
I didn't event know you could make an update on joined tables. What is the advantage over 2 simple updates?