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Full Version: How to create INPUT TYPE="button" with Form Helper?
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There must be some tricky way to make this type of button.
echo form_submit('mysubmit', 'Submit Post!');
form_open( );     //create an opening form tag
form_label( );     //create a label
form_input( );     //create input field such as text , email etc.
form_password( );     //create a password input field
form_hidden( );     //create hidden field
form_radio( );     //create radio button
form_dropdown( );     //create select field
form_checkbox( );     //create checkbox
form_textarea( );     //create textarea
form_fieldset( );      //create fieldset
form_upload( );     //to upload files
form_submit( );     //create submit button
form_reset( );     //create reset button
form_close( );     //create form closing tag
set_value( ) ;     //set default value for input tag
set_select( );     //set default value for select field
set_checkbox();     //set default value for checkbox
set_radio();     //set default value for radio button
form_button(); //Lets you generate a standard button element.