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Full Version: Sites that build from CI.
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Do you have a list or known website that build in Code Igniter?
I just want to know Smile Thanks
Most websites/apps don't make it public that they were built with codeigniter. and many sites/apps will build on codeigniter to start and then if they grow and become very successful will migrate to another platform. the biggest app that i know of that was originally built on codeigniter is Uber. biggest company i know of who was using it internally (and might still be using it) is Apple.
Big one forum that lives on CI is daniweb.

Belgian e-commerce built with CI since 2 years.
(12-09-2015, 12:26 AM)arisroyo Wrote: [ -> ]Do you have a list or known website that build in Code Igniter?

I know a few CMS built on Codeigniter. As well as several smaller sites. Some of them are Russian-speaking. Large Web applications are not seen.
I is now developing a CMS on Codeigniter Smile I want to use SAAS model.
I creat my websites with CI3, but isn't well know. (portofolio) (a french game) (a host for files in many languages)

Thank's for all the respond, I see that most of application made from CI is for enterprise or personal project.
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