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Full Version: Encrypt in CI, decrypt in Python
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I've been struggling with these the past day. I'm encrypting some passwords in CI using an encryption key. What i want is to be able to decrypt those and get the original passwords from python. I've found a library but i really couldn't get it to work ( and since it's latest update was 3 years ago i'm starting to think i lost my time too there ). Library is HERE
Anyway i was hoping maybe if there's someone that has something similar to this at least to get me started.
I did an echo of the params the encryption library is using. I can always change those if required but i'd prefer not to.

PHP Code:
handle] => aes-128-cbc
[cipher] => aes-128
[mode] => cbc
[key] => ���cݨe��Y\T�H�iw��ݷK1�vj4�
[base64] => 1
[hmac_digest] => sha512
[hmac_key] => 



I know by default it's using aes-256 and mcrypt but played around them too and got nothing.
Also i started using the
PHP Code:
$config['encryption_key'] = hex2bin('ce3399bb4cf3dc5a679c7f265a054808'); 
version of my key, thought maybe the issue was there so i switched to to none bin but still nothing.

ANY help is appreciated.

Thank you
Don't encrypts password using CI Encryption Library.