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Full Version: Better and more precise documentation
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Hey there,

i love working with codeigniter and its at least my favourite php framework system. But there's one point which is really bothering me, its the lack of important information if there were fundamental changes like the session library.

I was searching for ages why my old session library extension (my_session) wasn't working properly till i found out after masive searching the internet and all the forums that the directory structure now changed from 


changed to


Come on guys, that can't be true. This is a vital information and you will never find this anywhere in the documentation. One could say that there is already an info about implementing a driver - but that is not the same. Many users switching from 2.x to 3.x are having the same issues and they are posting unneccesarily complicated workarounds just because theres no information out there in the documentation or update-notes.

So please be more accurate when rewriting important modules and also think of the documentation cause a framework is only good and usable if there is a precise and detailed documentation we can rely on.

You mean something like upgrade instructions telling you that the library was completely rewritten?