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Full Version: Pagination suffix issue
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I came across what I believe to be an issue with Pagination, and there is a relevant thread, archived here

This says it is working as intended, but I don't believe that to be true in my case.

For me, I am using a suffix for additional routing control, to filter various results in my method, lets says Books and Tapes.

Now, by default, my Controller fetches both Books and Tapes, paginated.

But if I add an extra URI segment, says Books, I will only get paginate results for Books.

Head to page X of Books, via the links, and all is OK, using the Suffix config.

BUT, if I use the pagination links generated by CI, to head back to page 1 of books, it loses the suffix and I get both Books and Tapes - Not what I want to happen!

So, is there a way to add the suffix to the first link?