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Full Version: What's new in v3?
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I'm an occasional CI developer, my last app being developed in 2013 under CI v2.0.4. Returning just now I see that v3 is current, and v4 on the way. Could someone point me towards a doc or forum post with the major differences between v2 and v3? There are plenty of very detailed changelogs and upgrade paths, but I'm really just after an overview. At first glance, the main differences I've seen are:

a) Active Record is now Query Builder
b) The documentation is no longer the 'tab' dropdown (a shame - I rather liked that)

I did a Google search for "what's new in CI 3" but only found docs such as What are the differences between CodeIgniter 2x and 3x? which is very much at the tree, rather than the wood, level.

No big, but if there are any major changes it might be useful to know about them before I get stuck into development.

Hmm - the original announcement of V3 contained a link to the changes from V2 ...
The list of changes is quite extensive!

As to the 'tab' dropdown - you might have noticed the menu icon on the top right of the user guide pages ... mousing over it reveals "classic layout", and clicking on it toggles from the sidebar menu to what I think you mean by the 'tab' dropdown menu layout.

The closest thing to an overview of the changes is the bulleted list at the top of the V3 announcement ...
I recommend you read carefully.

The major differences between v2 and v3 that I think are:
  • The License (Now MIT)
  • Classes file names convention (Start with a capital letter)
  • Session library (Completely re-written. The default is file session now)
  • New Encryption library
  • Usage of XSS filtering (Input filtering is wrong)
  • Active Record is renamed to Query Builder
  • Composer auto-loader
Thanks both for your replies and your pointers - I'll read the fine forum to get up to speed. My problem is that I do an app in CI, then have a year or more's gap before doing another one so I fall 'out of the loop' Sad