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Full Version: Error 404 on hosting
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I have uploaded my first site on CI to hosting. I changed base_url and batadase settings. However, when I go to I have an 404 error. It comes from CI because I can change (view->errors->html->error_404.php) and I see those changes. 

What should I do to solve this trouble?
P.S. Sorry for newbie question, but I cannot solve it for 2 days Huh
If you are using CI3, check your class filenames:
You might try a different URI protocol (config/config.php).

Who is your host? Are you trying to use mod_rewrite through .htaccess? If so, remove the rewrite rules temporarily, just to see if the home page loads.
If you developped on a local Windows machine and your hosting provider uses linux then it could very well be the file names in your classes. The file system Windows uses is not case sensitive where linux is. Your controller file names etc should start with a single capital.