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Full Version: IDE and support for CI
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Hi folks,

One short question. Which IDE you guys use, and which one has good support for CI??

Doesn't matter if its free or not, I'm just looking for something efficient.
I'm use Geany
I think any decent IDE that supports PHP is a good choice. If you're looking for good autocompletion, then there's none that fully support that out-of-the-box.

Personally, I use Sublime Text. But there's also PHPStorm and Netbeans.

sample autocomplete for codeigniter that I'm using
I use Phpstorm (before this I used Sublime)
Thanks comrades.
I am also using Sublime. Will check out PhpStorm or maybe Netbeans. I see that many people say that Netbeans is like a free version of PhpStorm,so I will definitely try it out.
still sublime but will move to another IDE
I'm using VS.PHP: ...which is an add-on to Visual has some support for creating CodeIgniter projects among other PHP's pretty good. It works with the free Visual Studio Community Edition.
Give Codelobster a look. It's an actual desktop executable application, so it's a little snappier than Netbeans and other Java-based IDEs. There's a free version, but you have to get the pro version for the CI plugin.
NetBeans 8.1 and CodeIgniter plugin.
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