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Full Version: Which web hosting to use
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Well, I would advise going for Hostgator web hosting! They have good support and fewer server errors!
There are way many providers for a web hosting and many of them are great doing they work, You need to ask yourself first what is what your web page requires and then compared with the web hosting services, once you compared, then choose the one that complements you best.
For choosing a web hosting provider, here I am listing some useful tips,

Compare all hosting companies available in the market.
Compare the hosting packages all hosting companies.
Ensure that the Customer and Technical Support is collaborative.
Check out AWS Lightsail. It is very good. If you are okay with even more technical stuff you could easily load a static website for almost free with AWS CDN.
I have been using SiteGround for several years. They are very good.

You can also try Linode. They are similar to DigitalOcean.
I chose Magento hosting for my website. There are lots of hosting types so it’s easy to find the one that suits your needs the most.
Knownhost maybe?
I recently heard about magneto. They say good hosting.
I use MySql and I am good with it as my uncle living in my property in Berlin and can control it also.
I transferred my sites to DigitalOcean about four months ago and highly delighted. They are even faster and about a tenth of the monthly fee from previous last web host provider!

Only one MySql hiccup and technical support were quick at responding although I solved the problem by installing a backup. Complication arose when I installed Golang alongside Apache2 and think it was the cause of the MySql conflict.

I am using Linux and it is essential to at least know the basics.
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