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Full Version: Which web hosting to use
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I would like to know if any one has a web host provider that they can recommend.

I would go hostgater. But the do not provide tdl

I have been wit but in the last year there support service has dropped in my books very poor I have been with them since 2013 it was really good service back then.

I have tried crazy domains will never use them.

I just need a good provider with good support service, that has

Thank you.
I transferred my sites to DigitalOcean about four months ago and highly delighted. They are even faster and about a tenth of the monthly fee from previous last web host provider!

Only one MySql hiccup and technical support were quick at responding although I solved the problem by installing a backup. Complication arose when I installed Golang alongside Apache2 and think it was the cause of the MySql conflict.

I am using Linux and it is essential to at least know the basics. There is a vast amount of online information and some very good tutorials from themselves.

Been with them for over 7 years now and have never had a problem, in fact they will setup and install any php version for me to turn on in .htaccess
++DigitalOcean - I am more than 2 years there and I don't think to change it any day soon.
Stable VPS with great speed. With large community tutorials, for everything.

1 NOTE about your domain - you can get it from any seller. And you can point it to your server.

Do not make the mistake to get Hosting just because they are selling your TLD.
There are not many good Hosting providers, while domain sellers are more than enough..
Quote:1 NOTE about your domain - you can get it from any seller. And you can point it to your server.

this is true. however - if your web traffic is primarily going to be in new zealand - then get hosting that is located in new zealand or close to it. where the servers are located physically does make a big difference over time.
and this is a good website to get reviews, specials, etc
I have just found out something intresting

Blue Host and Just Host Are Same Company

Because I went on to just host online chat and was same person and that person told me same company.
There are many many "providers" which are just subdivision of other providers..

This way they win even if you use some "alternative" of their original brand products.
There are many web hosting companies that will proclaim that they are the best, but the user will come to know about the hosting service only after the service is subscribed. The hosting provider must offer 24 x 7 exuberant support, uptime history record of the web hosting provider must be good and the hosting provider must maintain a life customer relationship with customers.
I turned to Amazon and never looked back. Amazing control over everything in my application. It's probably overkill if you're doing anything small though.
I have found a couple of good ones now called Siteground and also inmotion
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