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Full Version: how to specify img_url in captcha settings?
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Hello everyone I'm having hard time with Codeigniter captcha library. Browser in my web page do not show any captcha img file, i think it is problem with img_url option because img file location is 'http://localhost/blog/captcha/1455115990.3884.jpg' and when i try directly access it throw browser, i just get codeigniter default 404 window, but in my captcha directory in my web project root folder codeigniter successfully creating captcha img files. Any suggestions what i can do differently?


function post($postID){


       'img_path'=> './captcha/',
   $cap = create_captcha($vals);
   $this->session->set_userdata('captcha', $cap['word']);

   $this->load->view('post', $data);

<p>Captcha Code: <?=$captcha ?> <br /><?php
               echo form_input($data_form);

Can you post a path where image file is saved? Also, do you use any rewrite rules?