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Full Version: Use query cached when DB is offline
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I have a system with multiple database, and happen that one of the db is offline. When one db is offline the site return the error and the site not working. How can I do so that they are the cache files query displayed and no errors snack of any kind? Still leaving the website online?
You can try using Query Caching:

Or use the db failover...
Already I use Query caching. But how can I do so that when one of the db is offline are not shown any errors that block the use of the site? But the query cache are displayed instead?
You should turn db_debug to false, on your database connection configuration. See
The site also displays this error: mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/2002): No such file or directory
I can turn them all errors off, but still the site where one of the db is offline displays a blank page.
there is not a way to make the site even with an offline db, show the query cache?
Someone can help me?