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Full Version: Anybody using "Accelerated Mobile Pages" AmpProject from Google
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I am in the process of updating a site with Google AMP

First may I say searching for AMP is about as good as searching for Google's GO - infuriating Sad

Google has gone their own sweet way and totally ignored HTML, CSS Standards, etc. making it very difficult to easily update CodeIgniter.

The first attempt was a disaster and produced over 565 AMP pages with errors!!!

Most common problem was using the following  embedded img style (which satisfied most of Google Mobile Friendly Pages) :

<img style"max-width:888px; width:88%; margin:auto">

Also there were other problems in the common header, menu, content and footer files.

Fortunately it was quite easy to revert to the original setup which consisted of the including a header, imported database data for the content and a footer.

Further thought about separation of concerns produced the following:

Web-Page for testing:
  1. index-001.php
Include files:
  1. _heading-amp.php
  2. _header-amp-static.php
  3. _menu-top.php
  4. _content-to-test.php
  5. _footer,php

Online Demo
- Can also test AMP validation using Chrome Browser ONLY 

Anyone have suggestions?