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Full Version: [April Fool] CodeIgniter 5 has been released!
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Much to the surprise and delight of the CodeIgniter core team and community members, CodeIgniter 5 was released today. The project has been in deep stealth mode for months, and it will probably take a few days for the download links to surface through the obscurity.

Key features of the new release: MVD, MRI & MCG.
- Model-View-Delegate (MVD) is a new core pattern, which lets developers model data and presentation, while delegating any logic to someone else, who will get blamed for any defects
- Mind Reader Interface (MRI) lets the framework read developers' minds, and automatically order espresso when it appears they are thinking too slowly, with speedy drone-delivery within 15 minutes
- Mindful Code Generation (MCG) uses the latest AI technology to generate pages of syntactically correct but useless code, perfect for those developers paid by lines-of-code

The new release goes beyond PHP7 and HipHop - it fully embraces New Country!

We caution developers not to destroy their current framework libraries, until the CodeIgniter 5 release has materialized on their desktop.
You had me for a second but then I released today is April 1st.... hahah good one!
YES! lol
I forgot to mention: CI5 comes with a full-blown ORM, by popular demand!!

The Obscenity Removal Mechanism (ORM) will automatically delete random lines in any source code that contains swearing Smile
lol what a kinda April fool
Thanks for the heads up on features that we can expect when CodeIgniter 5 is actually released. I'm looking forward to that MVD core enhancement. Wink Should I hold out through CodeIgniter 4?
Don't forget to run out and buy some more memory and bigger hard drives to install this new version.
Yes, It's true. LOL!

But is it backward compatible with CI3 and PHP 4?

And what if I want hot chocolate rather than coffee, is there a config setting?
Sadly, we have to rescind the release of CodeIgniter 5 ... we did indeed forget about backwards compatability Sad

Our stealthy development team will retreat back to the shadows to address this, and you probably won't hear from us again for another year Undecided

Sorry to get your hopes up!!
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