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Full Version: Use CodeIgniter & Google reCAPTCHA
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I have a google reCAPTCHA library but I would like to know.

When I am on the localhost what do I use for a recaptcha_sitekey and recaptcha_secretkey

I have had it working on my live domain but since I do not have that website any more I am not sure how to set it up for testing on a localhost "wamp"
The keys should work on local host for testing/development.

However, if you are suggesting that you do not have a registered domain for the keys any more, then I think you are stuck. The keys are only issued for a live site (I believe). (See last line of this page content for local host info)

PS I have to say I love the recapture checkbox system, it is so fantastically clever! Still not sure what or how it does it exactly. In fact am a bit bored and sleepless so am off to google and investigate it now :-)