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Full Version: Create image from png
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I have this function in my model: 

PHP Code:
function createBanner($bg){
   $im ImageCreateFromPNG('assets/images/banners/'.$bg.'.png') or die ("I can't find this banner ! Please check again !");
   header'Content-type: image/png' );

But I can't display this image... I checked 10+ times name of the banner and all. I deleted cache too .. Any idea ?

If I use controller against model , works... Any idea why ?
You might want to put more error checking into your method.  I can't tell, from your post, what exactly is failing.

The PHP manual shows one way to do this:
Try putting error_reporting(-1); ini_set('display_errors', true); before calling your function.

I think the Php function is case sensitive.