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Full Version: Encode CodeIgniter script
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I've searched keyword sourceguardian, zend guard, ioncube but I get no result. So, I decide to create new thread. Is there anyone who has experience in encoding CI script? I'm trying sourceguardian. The whole process is fine, but I got nothing when run the encoded script. Is there any idea how to protect our script so another can't easily copy it?

As far as I know those are pretty much it. Make sure you have the Zend loader setup properly.

This link might help.

so looking at another way to do this - would it be possible to set something up on the client server - that communicates with a server you control? in other words the bulk of the work is happening on your server, and then the data is passed back and forth with json - like an api . that might be faster to set up then what you are trying to do now and you would still have most of the control.