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Full Version: XML RPC
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Hi all,

I try to make a connection between 2 web sites with XML RMPC.
In the exemple documenentation, i see:


I don't undersand what is this method? Il never see it in the codeigniter documentation.

Thank's for your help

You have misread

The line in question is

That asks the XML-RPC server to dispatch the incoming request according to your configuration.

The client website logic only needs the xmlrpc library, whereas the serving website's controller for this request needs both xmlrpc and xmlrpcs.

The example later in the explanation ( gives you the code you need for each end of the commuinication.
It is a mistake .... I see the method serve () in the Xmlrpcs library ().

I can access the controller on the server.

But, I have difficulty understanding how to use the data.

I did not understand "$ this-> xmlrpc-> method ('Greetings');" Greetings to me is a method or it is not. And why go through $ config [ 'functions'] [ 'Greetings']?

If you have a little time for me to detail this process or give me a link to more detailed documentation.

thanks again
I resolved my problem....

After many hours, i found ;-)

I used CI 3.0.0 and it doesn't work!!!

Il upload the last version: 3.0.6 and xml rpc worked in success!!!

Thank's for all to keep a time to help me.