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Full Version: CMS Project with Drag n drop, build a site
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Hi Everyone, 

I'm new to the forums and new to Codeigniter. 

I understand that it is possible to use Codeigniter to create a content management system.  I'd like to look at creating a content management system that allows the user to choose a template design, add new features (plugins) and allow for new updates to be applied on the fly.  If the user doesn't choose a pre-defined template they can essentially create their own using a drag and drop system of different features, eventually ending up with a complete website.  

I'd be very interested to hear whether this is possible and the best place to get started.  

I look forward to hearing from anyone. 


It's possible, but if you don't have any experience with PHP it's not likely that you will achieve much.
Yes it is possible.

Best place to get started is to read the CodeIgniter Users Guide and do all the tutorials in.

Also dig into the CodeIgniter system libraries etc to see how it works.
definitely it is if you have deep understanding in PHP, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3. CodeIgniter is just a key to start the project in MVC way which is the modern and the cleanest way to create a project so far

You can try Configure.IT, its API and Admin are build using Codigniter-3.x, Simplest way to configure API and CMS modules,
The Codeigniter tutorial is a good place to start.

It has the basics to start the journey.