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Full Version: Installation of CI 3 outside HTML Directory
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Hi, I am new in CodeIgniter..  can I install CodeIgniter outside the html directory?
Have you read this? // hiding files : security // Moving app and system folders
Yes, I want to do exactly like that, I'm sorry for a noob question and I found out the solution just reading the index.php file Smile I want to move application and system folder outside the html and i did it. thanks Smile
No worries, you are going to love using CI :-)

PS Noob questions welcomed. I have been using CI for years and am still finding things I didn't know about. It is a very beautiful framework.
Yeah, I currently loved CI even though I'm new using CI, I love it because of it's simplicity specially in installation, you don't have to learn composer to install it, and it will work perfectly by just copying and pasting the source this is very useful to me as a freelance developer..

Hopefully CI will keep in this way.

I don't know why other choose laravel but for me CI already kicks laravel ass. everything that does not exist in CI that laravel has can be manually added in libraries.

I'm crazy in loved this framework. lol