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Full Version: Helper functions outside application and system folders
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Hello, I have a set of helpers that used by a number of applications in CI3. They are in the vendor folder and loaded with composer. I added to composer.json:

"autoload": {
       "files": [
"psr-4": {
"CodeIgniter\\": "system/",
        "Diego\\Admin\\": "vendor/diego/admin/",
        "Diego\\Compra\\": "vendor/diego/compra/",
        "Diego\\Foros\\": "vendor/diego/foros/"

But I don't get them, the helpers, available with Codeigniter4. Is there any way to keep them outside application and system folder. I read the manual but don't understand quite well.

Thank you.
In /application/Config/App.php

public $composerAutoload = '../vendor/autoload.php';