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Full Version: Having problem with session library (CI4)
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Does CI4 session library built is still progress, I'm having problem with logger when using session;

1) After this commit, no changes have been made in /system/Session/Session.php (line 40 & 51) and /system/Session/Handlers/BaseHandler.php (line 40 & 47).

2) Problem with /system/Session/SessionInterface.php, declaration of /system/Session/Session.php not compatible with /system/Session/SessionInterface.php: has(), getFlashdata() and keepFlashdata(). And no abstract method of initialize() in /system/Session/Session.php

Solve the problem(comment some logger line & etc) in my local ci4, hope will be fixed soon.
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It was a holiday today here in the states, sorry for not responding sooner.

Thanks for the report. This has been fixed and just pushed to the repo.

For bug reports like this, you're better off reporting them at GitHub. It's good to keep new features discussed here, though.