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Full Version: [split] CodeIgniter 4 sample project?
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it will be great if we could get a sample project along with it containing the sample script for each library/helper implemented with best practices, then it will be  great. thanks.
Agreed! Working on it Smile
agreed! Looking forward to it.
That will take awhile being as CI 4 is still in development. But yes it would be nice.
I am converting the CI website to CI4, and using that as both a proof-of-concept and a testbed. That repo will be moved under bcit-ci once I am "happy" with it. There should be a writeup for this, which could be the basics of a "migrating from CI3 to CI4" section in the user guide.
Thanks Jim.
Can anybody provide sample CRUD project that is developed with CI4 version?

It would help understand the changes more easily
See Lonnie's code on GitHub, Myth Auth and Simple Forums.

Lonnie Ezell - GetHub