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Full Version: CodeMastery Test CI3.0
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Hi guys,

just created this site,

Is the idea good or bad?

Thanks in advance.

sorry if the site is slow to load, it is the stupid hosting company's fault...

I will transfer it when I have the time...
Just upgraded it to cloud hosting...
Your answer compare needs a nl2br in its output, at mo it looks a mess.

I do not think this is any good at all. I thought you were going to parse my answer and see if it did what you asked it to do (CI general Q1 - write a controller to echo 'Hello World'.

To have a 'take a look at the answer and see if you were right' is pointless.

Perhaps you should try to make your quiz site a bit more fun, with multiple choice answers so you can easily check the answers.

Also your questions are input fields too, so my first attempt I wrote my answer in the question block.

So I am sorry, but no, at the moment your site is not a good idea, is not well thought out, and is not very well implemented.

It is also still very slow.

hi paulD thanks for the comments.
I'm still tweaking it dude...
no it's not pointless.
the old style multiple choice test is boring.
The idea is to master the codes...

I will stick with it and continue to improve and tweak it.
Right now I'm hiding the answer so that it will not show up immediately when the page loads.
Nice job, the idea to helps user master the codes is great. Hope more improvement in future.

I'm glad someone noticed and appreciates my work.
Yes, I will continue to improve.

By the way if you guys have suggestions let me know...
Good idea. Needs a lot of work, but with enough work, ui improvements, and better wording, no reason this can't be a good practice tool for beginners.

English is not my primary language.
Just in case you found wrong english grammar can you help me fix it. lol

Also regarding the UI, What's your suggestions?

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