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Full Version: CodeIgniter 3.1.0 Released
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CodeIgniter 3.1.0 was released today, with some security fixes, bug fixes and enhancements.

Most importantly - it fixes a critical SQL injection bug in the ODBC database driver. The fixes to the ODBC driver mean that you can no longer use the query builder with it, nor the escape() functions. On the plus side, it now has actual query binding, as opposed to emulated.

The ODBC fixes are not backwards compatible, hence the bump in version number. We are also bumping the minimum PHP version to 5.3.7. Any previous in-progress changes, for CI3.1.0, will now be targeted for CI3.2.0.

This release includes bug fixes for the Cache, Config, Database, Database Forge, Email, File Uploading, Form Validation, Image Manipulation, Input Library, Query Builder, Session, and User Agent libraries; as well as the file and path helpers, and some common functions.

Enhancements have been made to the Database Forge, Encryption, Image Manipulation and Session libraries.

This is recommended for all users of version 3. Download v3.1.0 now, and we encourage you to read the changelog, and to check the directions for upgrading from a previous version.
Just upgraded the site I am building at the moment, no issues or problems, everything went perfectly. Thank you!

PS the upgrade link in your post is not working.
I fixed the link, thanks @PaulD & @albertleao
Wow, I just update one of my site and its running smoothly. No issue at all.
Thanks mate Smile
Just updated my application - flawless. Smile

Thank you so much for your great work!
Thanks guys for the great update and your awesome work.
I will update my projects later on this day. Smile
Good news thanks for all team members
Well done CI!!!
Thank you for your work!
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