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Hey, everyone I am building a website  using codeigniter still have some way to go but looking for some people to test it and report bugs. 
its a Forum and  Ticket System in one.

Welcome to share feedback its something simple but will grow over time 

you can join here and i'll change  your staus from user to admin after if you ask

Thank you
Can you provide us with a demo login?
username : user1
password : password1
admin: admin1
password: password1
I really like the layout! Smile
(08-29-2016, 08:17 PM)albertleao Wrote: [ -> ]I really like the layout! Smile

Thank you
Atlanti is a template is it not?

Also I posted on a ticket name this:

PHP Code:

And the alerts duly popped up. You need to use xss_clean on output.
Hi! when i add post with script alert it popped out in My Post. if you're using $_POST['blah'] to get POST values better avoid it. use codeigniter $this->input->post feature. BTW nice dashboard/work keep it up