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Full Version: Using URI Language Identifier
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Currently I'm trying to add multi language support for my website.
I stumbled upon this URI Language Identifier, which seems to work great and adds the needed language abbreviations to the URI, which seems to be a good idea for SEO.

But I've encountered the following problem:

Let's say the website's main language is english and secondary language is german.
The websites URI looks like this - or

Is it possible for the default language to remove the language abbreviations from the URI, so I would get for my main language and for my secondary language?

Or perhaps anyone could suggest a better library for this?

Any input is greatly appreciated.
Have a look at this.
Multi language with CodeIgniter
(09-07-2016, 06:52 AM)salain Wrote: [ -> ]Have a look at this.
Multi language with CodeIgniter

Thanks for the suggestion!
It provides a lot of useful information.